Early last month, the former Commissioner at the Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory Mr. Eric Atalao Dradrio retired from service.
Mr. Atalao, who was once the Acting Commissioner at the Directorate, served in the public service at the Directorate for over 30 years, having joined the serviced during the Obote II regime.
During a farewell party organized by the Directorate to honor Mr. Atalao’s service, The Firector of DGAL, Mr. Kepher Kuchana Kateu congratulated Mr. Atalao upon a successful career that saw him mentor many officers at the Directorate. The Director, wished him many great things during his retirement.
Mr. Atalao appreciated the Government of Uganda for having given him the opportunity to serve in the Public Service. He appreciated all staff for having supported him during the time he served. He reechoed the importance of staff capacity building, so as to ensure that the Directorate is able to meet the challenges of the new times.