About DGAL

The Directorate of Government Analytical Laboratory (DGAL) is  under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MIA and exists to provide a full range of general scientific analytical, forensic and advisory services that facilitate effective legal proceedings to dispense fair justice; safeguard people’s and environmental health and safety.

The Directorate provides services to a wide range of clientele including Government Departments responsible for the administration of justice and other agencies of Government mainly the Police, Courts of law (Judiciary), Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the private sector and members of the public. It also provides services to statutory bodies such as National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), National Drug Authority (NDA), for Water Development (DWD), Agricultural Chemicals Board (ACB) and the private sector. The Directorate has historically been the leading provider of independent scientific analytical and forensic services in Uganda, with laboratories staffed by trained chemists, material scientists, technicians and laboratory management, with over eighty (80) years of industry knowledge and expertise provided since 1930s. Broadly, the services of DGAL are:


i)       Forensic analysis of exhibits and samples to guide and facilitate investigations and prosecutions;

ii)      Forensic advisory services.

iii)  Bio-and chemical-monitoring of environment, food and water supply systems for detection and prevention of bio-and chemical attacks to ensure public safety and health.

iv)   Biological and chemical official control testing / monitoring for conformity to standards.

v)     Statutory testing to assure environmental health and safety.

vi)   Quality verification to facilitate trade and non-tax revenue collection.

vii)Expert opinion to aid administration of justice, law and order


The Directorate’s services are multi-focused, oriented to fostering, facilitating and enhancing the administration of justice, ensuring general public health and safety as well as promoting private sector competitiveness and growth. The Directorate operates within the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS), complementing and working with the other justice administration agencies through offering scientific analytical based investigations to facilitate delivery of justice.


The mandate of DGAL is to provide specialized scientific, analytical, advisory and referral services to foster administration of justice, private sector growth and ensure general public safety. The Directorate provides a wide range of analytical and advisory services to government institutions responsible for the administration of justice, law and order, as well as statutory agencies responsible for environmental management, compliance to standards, drug analytical investigations, tax investigations, security and intelligence etc., as well as promotion of trade, private sector competitiveness and growth. The operations of DGAL are centered on:

(i)      Facilitating effective legal proceedings for fair justice, by the timely provision of expert advice;

(ii)    Contributing to the protection of the environment and health of the people of Uganda, by participating in the establishment of integrated chemicals management systems and regulating consumer and industrial chemicals.

(iii)  Increasing DGAL’s institutional efficiency and effectiveness through continuous improvement of management systems, funding base and staff development. 


A centre of excellence in the provision of scientific, analytical, forensic and advisory service by 2040.



To foster justice, public safety and health through provision of quality and timely scientific, analytical, forensic and advisory services.

Core Values

(i)           Professionalism

(ii)         Quality services

(iii)       Team work

(iv)       Integrity

(v)         Respect

(vi)       Fairness

(vii)     Confidentiality

(viii)   Participation

(ix)       Effectiveness


The service functions of DGAL are structured along two broad categories, namely:

  1. The Forensic functions which aim to assist in criminal, civil and commercial investigations through the examination, analysis and comparison of exhibits and samples by application of the relevant branches of science. Different Divisions of the Directorate undertake diverse examinations and analysis of physical evidence materials leading to provision of reliable and irrefutable scientific evidence and hence providing and strengthening the links in the chain of evidence to dispense justice.
  2. The general scientific analytical functions which aim at providing a full range of analytical services to support enforcement and regulation of public health and safety, environmental protection, and collection of Government revenue.