Our Mandate

The mandate of DGAL is to provide specialized scientific analytical, forensic and advisory services to foster administration of justice, private sector growth and ensure general public safety. The Directorate provides a wide range of analytical and advisory services to government institutions responsible for the administration of justice, law and order, as well as statutory agencies responsible for environmental management, compliance to standards, drug analytical investigations, tax investigations, security and intelligence etc., as well as promotion of trade, private sector competitiveness and growth. The operations of DGAL are centered on:

  1. Facilitating effective legal proceedings for fair justice, by the timely provision of expert advice;
  2. Contributing to the protection of the environment and health of the people of Uganda, by participating in the establishment of integrated chemicals management systems and regulating consumer and industrial chemicals.
  3. Increasing DGAL’s institutional efficiency and effectiveness through continuous improvement of management systems, funding base and staff development.